Our Mission


We envision a world where the oppression of non-white peoples has been eradicated and all people hold and convey mutual respect for all others. A day when institutions, systems, policies, as well as individuals, families and communities, embrace and advance the value of each and every human being, without privilege or entitlement based on color or ethnicity.


The mission of the WRJI is to actively promote racial justice in our national culture and practice, as well as the wider world community, advancing inclusion and eliminating both institutional and internalized racism. Our purpose is to mobilize the network of Wellesley graduates and their extended community – at individual, social, institutional and political levels – to confront racism, increase equity and power for the historically oppressed, and eradicate racialized economic and social disparity.


We seek to educate ourselves and other Wellesley graduates through courageous dialogue and informative resources; to amplify our voices with new systems of trust and collaboration; to activate the entire Wellesley network to bring about equity in our families, communities, and institutions; to transform ourselves and our world. We will fulfill our mission by providing significant opportunities for personal growth and skill-building, forming alliances to advance solidarity, mentoring of students and young alumnae of color, and taking social and political action to change systems and institutions. We seek to build strategies, activities and relationships that are sustained, long after we have completed our work.


We offer one another the following unwavering commitment – to achieve our goals with actions and dialogue guided by the following values: mutuality, awareness, acceptance, connectedness, commitment to learning, integrity, collaboration, authenticity, humility, courage, grace, compassion, empathy, peace, and freedom.

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