October 2019

Countdown to the new decade

As WRJI nears the new decade, we are reframing our approach. With the dawning of 2020 we want to amplify the anti-racist work that our fellow alumnae are doing. If you are engaged in racial equity work or have been inspired by an excellent resource please use the 

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About Us

Our mission

The mission of the WRJI is to actively promote racial justice in our national culture and practice, as well as the wider world community, advancing inclusion and eliminating both institutional and internalized racism. 

We seek to:

EDUCATE ourselves and the Wellesley network through courageous dialogue and informative resources;

AMPLIFY the voices of those who are working to end racism;

ACTIVATE the Wellesley network to bring about equity in their families, communities, and institutions;

TRANSFORM ourselves and our world.

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